Shopping Center Veturi | Kouvola

Veturi is the largest and most attractive shopping venue in South-East Finland. It is located in a traffic node of route 6, one of Finland's busiest highways.

Veturi covers an area of ​​48 000 m2 for leasing and it is the 8th largest shopping center in Finland. Its target area is home to more than 90 000 people and there are more than 11 000 leisure homes.

The shopping center complex includes retail spaces on two floors and a clear parking space in front and behind the center. There are almost 80 companies operating in Veturi and there is a total of 1,800 parking spaces.

The shopping center and its actions are being monitored by the international BREEAM environmental classification system.

Explore the South-East Finland 's largest shopping center

More information

Jari Koistinen
Shopping Center Director, Kauppakeskus Veturi
+358 400 653 478


Armi Aho
Commercial Consultant / Colliers
+358 50 433 2777